True Opportunities for Treatment Regarding the Drugs Now

Treatment of drug dependence requires a systematic integrated approach. Any negligence can nullify all previous efforts. Particularly important here is the psychological component aimed at creating a convincing motivation for the patient to treat – only then he will have the opportunity to get rid of drug dependence.

Addiction puts a heavy imprint on all areas of the patient’s life. To delay with treatment it is impossible, differently developing owing to constant reception of drugs physiological and mental disturbances can become irreversible. First of all, you need to convince the patient of the need to consult a doctor.

How to make a person get treatment for addiction

The patient will deny the very fact of drug use until the last, then the fact of dependence on them, and then the need for hospitalization. To solve the problem faster, you should: Develop and voice a unified position of the family about treatment. If some relatives insist on placing the patient in a hospital, and others – to “protect” him, this will only exacerbate the situation. It’s good, if someone talks with a sick person, whose opinion has weight for him.

  • In advance choose a clinic suitable for the conditions and prices or a rehabilitation center. Achieve the principal consent of the addict to treatment; try to convince him to go to the clinic for a little while. Mention such an opportunity as anonymous drug treatment. Attract a professional psychologist-motivator who travels to the house.
  • Treatment of drug addiction is impossible without the involvement of psychologists, as this is a daily work with the patient over his motivation. There is an erroneous opinion that detoxification of the body cures drug addiction.
  • In fact, after detoxification, only physiological relief comes, the breakdown disappears, but the existing stereotypes of behavior continue to “live” in the patient’s mind. At this time the patient should be isolated from an unfavorable social environment where he could get drugs, the psychologist-motivator should work intensively with him, who, while there is time to keep the patient in isolation from the usual society, sets him up for further rehabilitation program.

That is why the treatment of drug addiction in a hospital under the constant supervision of narcologists and psychologists is the only effective way out. If the patient does not get into the rehabilitation center after detoxification, but returns home, he will most likely return to his former way of life. At the lighthouse treatment center you will be having the best options now.

The Treatment Methods

Methods of treatment of drug addiction are surrounded by many myths, which are united by one – irresponsibility and unwillingness to delve into the essence of the problem. Often, drug addicts and even their loved ones believe that opioid receptor blockers, sewn into the skin, or detoxification procedures, will magically heal the patient once and for all.

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